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Telemundo Latin Billboards 2017

Visual Content Design

Ofer Zmora

Akel Issa

Direction/System Design/Programming




For this year's Latin Billboards, mega artists Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, Santana, Mana, Cardi B and Calibre 50 took the stage for performances that in terms of visual content, required a great deal of technical management and thinking outside the box. Made up of an array of screens and a large LED floor, the visuals literally surrounded the performers and had to fit with the rest of the set's style and props. Artistically, a major change of pace for me was Daddy Yankee's performance of his new single "DURA", which called for a recreation and animation of retro 8-Bit arcade games such as Galaga and Space Invaders. This is a style of art that I don't usually get asked to create, and I really enjoyed working on these fun, seemingly simple looks. The results were excellent. 

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