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Infected Mushroom

XR Live Performance



A few weeks ago I traveled to LA to work with XiteLabs and complete this immersive and highly experimental XR experience - a full live set performed and recorded by Infected Mushroom and us. As Lead Content Designer, I was responsible for creating the virtual environment in C4D and UE4, asset preparation and some minor Blueprint programming to get this beast across the finish line. 


"Xitelabs utilized Unreal Engine, Carbon, Stype, Grand MA Lighting, Robe, cinema 4D, resolume, notch and disguise technologies to create a fully interactive virtual concert world. We married lighting, video and sound into this Realtime environment. The performance was done live with no rehearsal, much like a festival DJ/VJ/LJ set. To further link the physical with the virtual we sampled the color from the main program at selected ideal image locations and sent the data back to our lighting board. Audio data was used to modulate parameters and color timings. Digital control of over 11 universe of virtual / phsyical lighting were enabled using the Carbon plugin for 4.25.3 Ue4. Visual art, along with cinematic camera sequences were played live to the performance. This further enhanced the photorealism of the illusion of filming inside an LED volume with a perspective projection matching the primary camera."

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