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 V Squared Labs, Blizzcon Starcraft 2 WCS Stage
BLIZZCON – Starcraft 2 Stage
Client: Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Lead Producer: Steve Parker
Blizzard Game Producers: Elisha Cabrera, Tony Hsu, Tim Morten and Jennifer Owings
Blizzard Program Managers: Tyler Rosen and Adam Rosen
VSL Director: Vello Virkhaus
VSL Producer: Andi Perez
VSL Production Design: Amanda Hamilton
VSL System Programming and Live Visualist: Keith Lostracco
VSL Technical Production and Live Visual Support: Evan Pierre
VSL Lead Animators: Carlo Sa and Aaron Kaminar
VSL Animators: Benjamin Budzak, Ofer Zmora, Jordan Halsey, Steven Gagne, Jordan Montreuil, and Richard Powell
VSL Junior Animators: Art Perez, Alec Maassen, Jordan Montreuil and Sankara Souvignon
VSL 3D Modelers: Tyler Russo and Aaron Coleman-Hayes
Event Production: Yellow Light Live
YLL Technical Director: Pete Emminger
YLL Stage Director: Curtis Anderson
YLL Event Planner: Matt Hicks
Broadcast Production: ELS
Video and Lighting Creative Technologies
CT Project Manager Ethan Pico
Lighting Programmer: Cat West
Set Fabrication and Engineering: Stage House, Las Vegas
SHLV Director: Tony Lamecker
SHLV Project Manager: Robin Hayden
Rigging: Dan Morehouse
Decking: Accurate Staging
Photography: Carlos Gonzales
Video Documentation: Carlo Sa, Art Perez, Amanda Hamilton and Jessar Nygard (time lapse)


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